Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Fair Lady

Is brand new Vincci size 4 heel. My mum buy for me but I don't like it because it sharp toe type, so I'm reselling it. The original price was RM59 without box(actually I throw it away). The side there is a bit crumbled because I simply put it without noticing I actually crumbled the side.......sorry....T^T

Price : RM45

Better Earring

This batch brought around Chinese New Year. This batch is all in perfect condition but I'm getting new one, so im trying to sell them out.


Hand Mirror

Pink Deer

Diamond Fruits

Each selling at RM6/Buy at at RM25 with free shipping(Pos Express)


All ear ring is totally new and never wear before. I just brought about last week ago at Mines. I am selling it all because some of them is not in perfect condition and Im so blind to buy it. But on second thought, they don't suit me also la.

This one is total in good condition but I find it too dangling

Lost 1 purple bead at one of the side

It was like that when i brought but the dangling is too long, it annoyed me.

as u can see it lost 1 bead

Each is selling at RM5/or/Buy all at RM20 with free shipping

Cool Jeans Jacket

My friend wanted to give me this jacket but I cant wear as well, so Im selling it here for her. I would say this jacket is suitable for XS people to wear because I am wearing size S but I don't feel comfort with this jacket, especially the arm part. Is kind of tight for me.

Price : RM25

Short Dress

The dress color is actually green, may be a bit blueish but I don't know how in the photo it look like blue. Is free size and I only get to wear it twice only.

Price : RM35

Designer Cloth

Brought in Times Square at RM25. Is a free size t-shirt but is still loose for me cause Im a petite size......T^T

Price : RM15(Free Shipping)

Baa Baa Black Sheep T-Shirt

I quite like this shirt but the neck is too loose for me but I did wore a few times. Another reason is because my wardrobe is full. Is a free size shirt but can fit size XS to smaller M.

Price :RM10 ( Free Shipping)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silver Bear Hand Phone Bag

Silver color with printed bear pattern on it. It was a mistake to buy it from the start because it can't fit my old phone but I was tempter by its look.....:P

Price : RM8(Free Shipping)

White Round Beads Bracelet

Brought at the same time and place with the previous bracelet. This one has an extra of three round beads as decoration.
Price : RM8(Free Shipping)

White Beads Bracelet

White beads with gold line bracelet tie together with three cross below as decoration. Brought at an independent stall in Sunway Pyramid for Rm10. My friend want to sell it because she got too many bracelet. According to her, she only wear a few times only.

Price : RM8(Free Shipping)

White Flowers Brooch

Is not that new but it was never use before. Brought as a set with a ring but I'm not a friend of brooch, so trying to sell it out. Brought in 1Utama.

Price : Rm10(Free Shipping)

Lollipop Bunny Phone Strip

Cute little bunny with a big lollipop. Can be either key chain or hand phone strip.

Price : RM10

Nightmare Before X'mas Coffin Phone Strip

Brought at the same shop with the previous 1.

Price : RM12(Free Shipping)

Nightmare Before X'mas Phone Strip

Still new and shinny together with the tag. Brought in Sunway Pyramid.

Price : RM10(Free Shipping)

Material Girl by Louise Kean

Brought this book last year but never read it. And since I didn't keep it properly, the page turn all brown now, so if you like it please buy it from me!!!.........^_^'........original price is RM22.99, selling it now at....

Price : RM16